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Kidzone Geography: Canada - Canada's Provinces and Territories

Kidskonnect - Canada Fast Facts and Links

Canada's SchoolNet - Explore this site and its many resources for K-12 students and educators.

Gander Academy's Canada - Theme-Related Resources on the WWW - If you can visit only one reference site on Canada, make it this one. All the emblems are listed in one place and you can find out about famous Canadians, Canada in space, national parks, Canadian place-names, and more.

Discover Alberta! The on-line travel planner for vacationing in Alberta - Stop here for quick facts, a little history and a tour of Edmonton, the capital city.

British Columbia - This official site explains all about B.C. government, including the official emblems, facts and pictures.

The Great Outdoors - BC Adventure Network - Here you can venture into the beautiful wilderness areas of British Columbia or, if you are more of a land rover, learn to identify the wildflowers and plants.

Manitoba - This official site is your home base to find information about Manitoba.

New Brunswick - New Brunswick has some of the highest tides in the world, as it is bordered by the Bay of Fundy. The Bay of Fundy has its own web page, just click on Tourism. You can also find official emblems, the official flower, the provincial bird and much more.

Newfoundland - Visit this official site and find out lots of interesting facts.

Northwest Territories - This site takes you to Canada's Northwest Territories, which encompasses one-third of the land mass of Canada, about 1.3 million square miles.

Nova Scotia - This official site is really a jumpstation to other useful sites about Nova Scotia.

Titanic - The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax, Nova Scotia - At this site you can learn about artifacts and recovery efforts as well as see interesting photos and find a series of links to related sites.

Nunavut - Learn about Nunavut art and culture and natural history of Canada's Artic.

The Government of Ontario - This very well-organized page lists lots of facts and information about Ontario, including the official emblems.

Quebec - This is the official site of the province of Quebec.

Saskatchewan - The Official Site For Tourism in Saskatchewan! - You'll find lots of information about tourism in this province, along with information about the official bird, and how Saskatchewan got its name.

Government of Yukon Home Page - From this official government site you can take a link to the travel and tourism area. You'll find information about visiting this section of the country.

Prince Edward Island - Enjoy a tour of "Anne of Green Gables" Farmhouse, along with stops at Avonlea, Kindred Spirits, and Lover's Lane. Before you leave, don't forget to look through the IslandCam, Prince Edward Island's mobile digital camera located in Charlottetown.

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