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Mexico for Kids - Information about Mexico written by the Mexican Republic for all children. They welcome you to this space created just for you with information about their wonderful country: Mexico.

Discovering Mexico - This country is 756,000 square miles of deserts, forests, highlands, volcanoes, and seashores, and is populated by 95 million people.

The Azteca Web Page - Learn about the music, history, culture, and language of kids in the United States of Mexican decent.

Cinco de Mayo - On May 5, 1862 a handful of Mexican troops defeated a much larger and better-armed force of soldiers from France. Ever since, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with music, tasty food, and parades. Come join the party.

Day of the Dead - On November 2, Mexicans celebrate the annual Day of the Dead. Learn more about this celebration here.

Day of the Dead-Dia De La Los Muertos - Learn many of the traditions and rituals surrounding this Mexican holiday, when the dead pay a visit to their old homes and are welcomed with special foods and festivals.

Mexico: an Endless Journey - This is the official home page of the Ministry of Tourism. It describes the various states and regions of Mexico.

KidsConnect - Q & A on how to use the Internet. Students can send questions, receive homework help and get e-mail responses to their questions. Check "Kids Favorite Web Sites."

CIA World Facts -Interactive world facts and immigration information.


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